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    Pro Tent kit

    Everything you need to start growing plants indoors today! 

    About Us

    Experienced and Reliable

    Here at Ultimate Grow we are proudly Canadian and have everything you need to start growing your own plants indoors today.  Including video tutorials and trade secrets to help you along the way. Ultimate lights has produced a top of the line product that is odorless, quiet, and uses less power than a mini fridge. You can plug it into any 120V outlet.

    Why choose the Ultimate Grow Indoor Pro Tent Kit?

    Indoor growing allows you to control important factors such as environment and lighting, this allows for faster growth and flowering cycles with means increased production. If you are looking to save money and grow your own plants indoors for an affordable price, then you’ve come to the right place. Produce up to 1 pound every 3 months with the best grow light on the market.

    Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our products are the best you can buy, and we stand behind what we sell. Along with our excellent support and superior customer service, our products are backed by a 1-year warranty, so you can shop with confidence

    Flexstar 3 mode DE reflector and Ballast

    Flexstar 3-Mode DE Reflector & Ballast

    • End of Lamp Life (EOL) Protection
    • Short Circuit and Open Circuit protection
    • Ignition failure protection
    • Thermal protection
    • Three colour status LED advanced status indication and status history
    • Suitable for ULTIMATE GROW Master Controller
    • Total control range 50-100%

    Master Controller for Dimmable Electronic Ballasts

    • No need for a switchboard
    • Easy and safe installation (low voltage device)
    • Protection against short cuircuts
    • Double temperature safety feature
    • Control up to 100 Ballasts 
    • Show output as W or %
    • Auto-dim at set temp
    • Auto-shutdown at set temp
    • Sunrise/Sunset period
    • Alarm contacts NO/NC

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